Completed EKUAL Trainings

Objectives of Training Meetings
  • To provide information on ULAKBIM and information/document services;
  • To raise awareness about the services of EKUAL;
  • To introduce the databases included in the project and provide information on active use of them and
  • To inform the end users about changes, privileges and advantages of databases.
Specialties of Training Meetings
  • Trainings are provided by expert trainers.
  • Trainings are organized for the end users and libraries.
  • Trainings have been / will be organized only at member institutions of EKUAL.
  • Trainings are only provided about TUBITAK ULAKBIM’s information/document services and databases of EKUAL.
  • Trainings are provided free of charge.
  • The need for trainings is determined in line with the requests of the database supervisors, database creators and member institutions.
  • The problems related to the issue are coordinated and solved in line with the recommendations of the database creators and members.
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