The first TUBITAK academic journal was published in December 1976 under the name of “Doğa Scientific Journal”, and today, we publish 11 peer-reviewed scientific journals on different disciplines. The aim of the journals is to develop a research culture and disseminate knowledge to the academic world.

The publication language of our academic journals is English, and the journals are indexed by various international, well-known databases including SCI-E and PubMed. Researchers from all over the world can submit articles to the TUBITAK Academic Journals, representing Türkiye in the international academic arena.

Scientific papers submitted to the TUBITAK Academic Journals are meticulously evaluated by the editorial boards and the referees expert in their fields.

TUBITAK Academic Journals, for which submission and publication are free of charge, are open access and published bimonthly. For detailed information and submission, please visit

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