What is EKUAL?

It consists of national license agreements executed with prominent global publishers and content providers as well as the relevant efforts put by TUBITAK ULAKBIM in order to allow national research institutions to access academic electronic information sources effectively and commonly and encourage production of national and international scientific publications.

Thanks to EKUAL, thousands of researches can access to electronic information sources with international scientific and academic content through their own institutions.


Those following were aimed by the Resolution no. 136 of TUBITAK Executive Board on 19/11/2005:

  • Creating equal opportunity for research institutions with varying budgetary resources regarding access to scientific knowledge;
  • Providing saving of time for the researches by in-situ use of databases;
  • Increasing efficiency of domestic research activities;
  • Achieve savings of use of national budgetary resources;
  • Increasing production of national and international scientific publication and
  • Increasing competitiveness of Turkey in the light of scientific studies

Which information can be accessed through website of EKUAL

The website of EKUAL (https://cabim.ulakbim.gov.tr/ekual/) provides information about accessible electronic information sources, user guides, member details, licensing conditions et cetera.

Which e-information sources are covered by EKUAL?

You can check the databases covered by EKUAL through https://cabim.ulakbim.gov.tr/ekual/e-veri-tabanlari/.

How can I access to databases of EKUAL?

IP (Internet Protocol) numbers were defined for all members of EKUAL. Therefore, it is possible to automatically access to electronic databases through the member institutions. Moreover, remote access is also possible by making Proxy settings or using username and password details for certain databases.

How constant access rights of the databases of EKUAL are granted in the post-licensing period?

The member institutions are entitled to access to the full-text content of the e-sources subscribed within the scope of EKUAL through the platform of the publisher in case of expiry of the license agreement. Moreover, the contents of certain Publishers can be archived on the servers of ULAKBIM. The members are entitled to access such content through the server of ULAKBIM in case they cannot access it via the platform of the publisher.

Which institutions can take advantage of EKUAL’s contents?

As per the Resolution no. 136 of TUBITAK Executive Board on 19/11/2005, public and foundation universities in Turkey, universities in Turkey specified under Universities/Other Higher Education Institutions tab on the webpage of Council of Higher Education, police academy and training and research hospitals of Ministry of Health all of which award degrees at least at graduate level can take advantage of the contents of EKUAL.

Does the member institutions pay for the electronic information sources accessed via EKUAL?

No. The fees of the electronic information sources provided for the researches via EKUAL are covered from the budget of TUBITAK.

What are Licensing Conditions of EKUAL?

You can access to the provisions related to current license agreement of each database subscribed within the scope of EKUAL and concerning the member institutions through the website of EKUAL.

How are the members notified about the license agreements executed with the publishers and recent developments?

The addresses of ekual@ulakbim.gov.tr and sbhastaneler@ulakbim.gov.tr were created for the universities and training and research hospitals of Ministry of Health respectively and the members are notified about the recent development through e-mail lists as well as official letters and introductory materials sent to the member institutions.

What can the authorized users do?

They can access to the electronic information sources provided within the scope of EKUAL through their computers at their place of work or remotely, open them in full-text mode and download documents to their computers.

How can I extract the usage statistics from the databases accessed within the scope of EKUAL?

You can acquire your institutional statistics by using the ‘’Database Statistic Extraction Guide’’ on the website of EKUAL [https://cabim.ulakbim.gov.tr/ekual/e-veri-tabanlari/universiteler-ve-polis-akademisinin-erisimine-acilan-veritabanlari/]. In case of further questions, you can send a notice to ukg@ulakbim.gov.tr.

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