Access to TÜBİTAK EKUAL databases is IP controlled.

IMPORTANT: ULAKBİM Cahit Arf Information Center must be notified by  in case of IP address change.

Terms And Conditions for Remote Access

  • The remote access for TUBİTAK ULAKBİM databases are carried out by the department of Information Technology of the Institutions.
  • Investigators working in ministry education and research hospitals can receive remote accsess password from Ministry of Health and can provide remote Access for electronic resources by doing Proxy Settings.

Databases for the Universities and Police Academy

Database Term of the License Members Content Documents Terms and Conditions  Contact Person
BMJ Online Journals**  April 2007- April 2009   50 27 Journals Help   BMJ   Ahmet Emre AYDIN
CAB   15/08/2014-14/08/2017   60  736 Journals Help   CAB   Ahmet Emre AYDIN
Academic Search Complete 
Business Source Complete 
Applied Science & Business Periodicals
Retrospective Index 

Education Index Retrospective
Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective
Applied Science & Technology Index Retrospective
 2014-2015   192 12544 Journals



Emerald Premier eJournal   2017-2019   189  309 Journals Contents and User Guide   Ahmet Emre AYDIN
IEEE  2015-2017   177  413 Journals 
1220 Konferans Serisi 
3341 Standart
+IEEE Digital Library About
+IEEE User Guide
IEEE Digital Library
iThenticate  2015   175 Plagiarism Analysis iThenticate Document Viewer Similarity Report Guide
Beginners’ Manual
Managers’ Manual
  Ithenticate   Ahmet Emre AYDIN
Mendeley 2016-2018 185 Reference Management System MIE About
User Guide
Mendeley LibGuide 
Mendeley Support 
User Manual
TR MIE Managers’ Manual
Mendeley Support
Mendeley Application
  Mendeley   Halise ÖZDEMİRCİ
OVID-LWW  2015-2017   123  474 Journals Help
OVID-My Workspace
Usage Videos
OVID Poster
Taking Statistics
ScienceDirect  2016-2018   185

 2318 Journals

30 Kitap Serisi

User Manual(Tr)  
User Manual 
Managers’ Toolsı 
Other Documents
  ScienceDirect   Halise ÖZDEMİRCİ
Scopus  2016-2015   185 Bibliyografik / Atıf User Manual (Tr)
User Manual
Managers’ Tools
Web Servisleri
+Elsevier Scopus APIs
+How To Guides
  Scopus   Halise ÖZDEMİRCİ
SpringerLink  2015-2017   185  2296 Journals
483 Open Access Journals
User Manual (Tr)
Instructional Videos and Documents
SpringerLink Platform Usage
For Authors
Instructions for Authors
  Manuscript Writing Manual
SpringerLink Remote Access End User
Springer Remote Access

Taking Statistics
  SpringerLink   Halise ÖZDEMİRCİ
Taylor & Francis  2016-2018   182   2191 Journals Help 
  Taylor&Francis   Meryem YILDIRIM
Web of Science  2016-2018   179 Bibliographic / Citation Help
+Web Of Science (APIs)
+Web Of Knowledge
  WoS   Ahmet Emre AYDIN

*: Subscription has been cancelled as of 20th April 2009.

**:  Access is provided to issues published between 20th April 2007 – 19th April 2009.

Databases for the Ministry of Health Training and Research Hospitals

Database Term of the License Membership Content Documents Conditions of Licensing Reponsible
Clinical Key 2016-2018   54 CK Tüm İçerik 
Drug Monographs

Procedure Consult 
First Consult
Kullanim Kılavuzu 
CK Türkçe Broşürü 
CK Tanıtım Videosu 
CK Sunum
CK Uzaktan Erişim Kayıt
  Clinical Key Halise ÖZDEMİRCİ
2014-2015   54 2532 Journals Help   EBSCOhost Meryem YILDIRIM
Up To Date Şub 2015
Oca 2018
  54 Kanıta Dayalı Sunum 
Türkçe Kullanım Kılavuzu 
Genel Bilgiler 
İlaç Etkileşimleri 
Medikal Hesaplayıcılar 
Görüntüler Kılavuzu
  UpToDate Ahmet Emre AYDIN

1: Access is provided to the content of OVID LWW published between February 2007 – February 2009.

2:  Access is provided to the content of Wiley Interscience published between 1997-2008, and to that of Blackwell Synergy for 2008.